Links and useful Sites

Below are a few of my other sites and also a few favourites as well. Mainly about this area but some further afield

The Hengistbury Head Website A guide to Hengistbury Head, Stanpit Marsh and Steamer Point in Dorset. I first published this website over 20 years ago. It first went live at the turn of the century. Its been updated since then but needs a little more TLC now! TBD.

The Jurassiccoast in Dorset The Heritage Coast Web site

Christchurch Priory Nearly a thousand years old. A wonderful church in Christchurch Dorset. The official site.

Bournemouth Beaches A site detailing the many beautiful beaches in Bournemouth and surrounding area. Again a site of mine that has been around for a long time. Very popular with people looking for parking information!

Christchurch Castle and the Constables Keep Hidden away in Christchurch Dorset. Currently a page on the Hengistbury Head website.

South Ferndown Residents Association On the path of the Stour Valley Way. A local group deeply committed to protecting this beautiful route.

Interested in publishing ebooks? Heres some statistics and data that may put you off or get you going! No popups/traps/snares or vanity publishing. Just informative data, graphs and personal analysis - based on experience!

Hope that helps